Travels to the Edge

I have just received the new release of “Travels To The Edge” by Pete Thelen. This is certainly not in the standard blues vein and stretches your imagination to define at all. That being said… I like it. One of the reasons that I get releases like this is because I have an open mind and don’t want to hear new uncreative artists doing 100 year old songs not… changing a note or phrase. Pete Thelen has certainly put together something unique. Born in Chicago, Pete was raised in the lap of modern day blues music but went off to the army and saw the world. This had a profound influence on his perception of life.
Working many years in a suit and tie after his return, Pete got reacquainted with the music business writing and producing music. Now Pete is on another journey and has invited us along. The music that I hear has the darkness of the Delta blues laid over the ethereal sounds of say King Crimson or Trey Gunn. Included is an 8 page booklet with lyrics and pictures. If you are up for something totally different, you should give this a listen. It will stretch your imagination!


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