Pete Thelen
Travels to the Edge
By Jaks Schuit – UP Magazine

From accountant to musician. Pete Thelen is a bard who is fullfilling his dreams. With a stack of songs he stept into the studio with producer Hans Christian. ‘Travels To The Edge’ has become a very diverse album. Titles like ‘Voodoo King’, ‘Spider Lake Woman’, and ‘Wind in the Chime’ tell where Thelen looks/finds his influences. Americana, electronics, silent streets and well-filled small European concert rooms.

The lyrics are somewhat enigmatic/mysterious, they touch the gutter of life, but also reach behind the American musical horizon. In the song, ‘Footsteps’ he even tells about Paris, London and Madrid.

The music is light-footed and stirring/rousing. It’s as if T-Bone Burnett did look over the shoulders to the switches in the studio. The voice of Thelen is genuine/lived through, the lyrics betray (tell about) a diffeent/apart view/ look at the craziness of life.

New details keep popping up/appearing while you’re listening. ‘Travels to the Edge’ is a pleasant/nice becoming acquainted/introduction.